Faeria Friday: Half-Time

Faeria Half-Time Tournament

To celebrate the launch of Resurgence last Wednesday, we’re hosting a special tournament on FaeriaTV TOMORROW!

What does Half-Time mean?

All turns will be limited to 45 seconds each. All matches are Crucible format.

First place gets a custom Yak avatar made of their choosing. You know you want it.

Stream prizes

  • Watch live on FaeriaTV
  • 1 hour of watching: Guaranteed Egg
  • 1 hour+: Chance to win a Battle Chest every 30 minutes!
  • 2 hours+: Rare chance to win a Mythic Chest every 30 minutes!

You can earn one of each prize. To be eligible: Link your Twitch account to Faeria on The Hub..

Egg Hatching

Incubators will be warming up this weekend to hatch all of your precious eggs.

Eggs hatch into wonderful friends that join you inside your orb, and are not obtainable by any other means.

Custom Card Creation Contest - Yaks!

The next community Card Creator Contest is here - celebrating the release of Resurgence.

Submissions are judged on a variety of factors, and we try to highlight as many of them as we can.


A few of team Abrakam have been in Tokyo this past week for the Tokyo Game Show.

Here’s a shot of our booth on the studio floor. Faeria on projector is best Faeria.

Thanks, Japan!

Helpful Guides and Videos

Peace Blossom Guide

Having trouble with Peace Blossom? Check out this guide from CodeMagier by clicking the image above. It’s a tough fight.

Minocaro’s Ladder Tierlist - Resurgence

Top player Minocaro has updated his personal tierlist for the Ranked ladder.

Matrien’s Musings

Aquabeard’s Trimmings

Decks of the Week

The Hub has been updated with all cards from Resurgence!

Featured decks:

Upcoming Tournaments