Faeria Friday: Happy Holidays 2019

It’s the holiday season again! Here’s some things to keep in mind about Faeria accounts.

Happy Holidays

It’s the end of the year holiday season, and we hope you’re doing well!

Hard to believe it, but we’re almost to 2020. How did that happen already?

Faeria accounts

Some things we’d like to remind everyone about Faeria accounts in general.

Steam and XBOX Game Pass for PC accounts are completely separate. If you make an account on one platform and then play on another, you will not carry over your progress.

If you find yourself coming back to Faeria on Steam after a long hiatus - perhaps you don’t remember the Steam account you used to use, or you have multiple Steam accounts - keep in mind that every Faeria account is linked to ONE Steam account in particular. The Steam account you are logged in with will dictate which Faeria account you log in with. If your Steam account has no associated Faeria account with it, a new one will be created upon login. Make sense? This is probably the number one most common support issue. We can fix things for you if they get mixed up!

December Tournaments

Seifer Open 3 results

  • 1st. hunter - Canada
  • 2nd. seshoumara - EU
  • 3rd. Evgeney - Russia
  • 4th. SaturnFive - Australia

Championship League

Decks of the Week