Faeria Friday: Heading to Gamescom

Gamescom is next week! Also, exciting meta commentary about Faeria Fridays.

Heading to Gamescom

It’s another year, and another Gamescom.

Next week, Abrakam is headed to Cologne!

We’ll have a booth in the business area as usual, and should have some photos to share next Friday.

September news

We have something juicy to share that should hopefully be ready by September, but we can’t mention it just yet.

For those hungry for more Faeria news, just know that sometimes we can’t mention the things we’re working toward until it’s officially announced elsewhere.

Anyway, consider this the announcement of an announcement. Everyone loves those.

Atmaz on vacation

I am actually taking my first ever vacation in quite some time this week. I made sure that we wouldn’t be missing a Faeria Friday in the meantime, just so we don’t break the streak of… how many consecutive FF’s have we had?

Let me count…

Okay, I see the chain start on March 18th of 2016. Keep in mind, we’ve had lots of Faeria Fridays before this (on our forums, etc) - but I think this begins the current consecutive streak. Call me out if I’m wrong.

Anyway, 52 weeks a year. So, 2017, 2018 are easy - that’s 104.

Wait! There exists a calculator for this. Thanks internet.


178 consecutive Faeria Fridays.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m sure I’ve jinxed it.

Here’s a screenshot of my local folder I have every Faeria Friday I’ve ever written saved to. Slow news day, right?

Anyway, I think it’s important we keep this streak going - not just to make that number higher, but moreso that you know you can check every weekend and see something about Faeria here on our website.

Personally, I’ll be back in action after next week, as I continue to storm the summer fairgrounds of the upper midwest and generally just relax in the nice weather.

Thanks for continuing to read over all of these years.

Khalim Open #2

Khalim Open #2 takes place tomorrow!

Roguebook LAN party

Well, it wasn’t a LAN party just for Roguebook - but the AWOL LAN party in Wisconsin had a competition last week.

They held a race for the first person to beat the game, and the winners are (mostly) pictured above.

Congrats to Schmeckleguy!

Decks of the Week