Faeria Friday: Hungry hippo

The season reset looms over us, like a giant flaming hippo ready to explode.

##Season Reset

The second ladder reset in the Season of Aurora takes place this Monday, February 5th.

These are the card backs that will be added to your account, should you earn them!

Remember, season resets now earn you FWC Points! Reach the top 25 to earn your share.

##Custom Card Creator Contest #4 - Stomp

The fourth custom card creator contest is here! Work with a new keyword and come up with your best idea.

Stomp - When a creature with Stomp destroys a creature over an enemy land, that land is destroyed.

Note: This is a special theoritical keyword created just for this contest.

Helpful Guides

ESofDawn’s Red Blue Gemshell Meteor deck put to the test.

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Aquablad’s third episode of Journey into Pandora is complete. Every rose has its thorn, just like every draft has its Krog:

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