Faeria Friday: Introducing Subtypes

Subtypes are coming, and some of them are pretty furry. Also: an important update on our release date for Fall of Everlife.

Introducing Subtypes: A new way to build decks

This summer’s Fall of Everlife expansion will introduce a new aspect into your deck-building experience: Subtypes.

“What are Subtypes?”

Subtypes are a way we are grouping certain “races” or “tribes” in Faeria. Cards will have a new section added underneath the card art where this subtype will be displayed, if they have one.

Let us show you some examples, shall we?

As you would expect, we will be introducing brand new cards that will interact with these new subtypes. In this case: Yaks.

Many previously existing cards will be updated to belong to these new subtypes. (Yes, Prairie Yak will become a Yak subtype.)

In total, with Fall of Everlife, we will be introducing four subtypes into the game. What are the other three subtypes? We’ll show you soon, but maybe you have some guesses already.

Why Subtypes?

Tribes are something we have wanted in the game for a long time. They have huge amounts of flavor and are something many card game players enjoy. On the more mechanical side of things, Faeria can have a problem where often good cards tend to be good in every deck. For example, you don’t need to play a specific type of red deck to always want Groundshaker. All decks desire board control and efficient creatures, so most red decks will want to play it. Tribes allow us to make certain cards a little more restrictive, leading to more differentiation between deck types and space to design cards that would otherwise be too dangerous to print.

As soon as tribes were brought up, we knew yaks would have to be the first one. They may look cute and fluffy but their opponents will find them vicious as well! The yak tribe is primarily neutral with the gem yaks to support each color, so you’ll be able to knock yourself out experimenting with anything from full neutral to yaks of all colors.

Release date shifting

A few weeks ago we announced we would be releasing in June. While our development schedule still has us completing the required work by then, we’ve reached a decision based on market research that will require us to shift the date back by about 18 days, into July.

Yes, we’re sorry for getting you excited a bit early. This is partly why we are often so quiet about announcing things in advance - a hundred decisions are made every day and often change as new information comes to light.

This decision is entirely based off of expected performance of our launch in such close proximity to the upcoming Steam sale that begins toward the end of June.

It is incredibly important to us, and in the best interest of the game, to have the best launch as possible for the Fall of Everlife expansion and B2P transition. In order to achieve this, we have decided it is best to wait until about two weeks after the Steam sale is over. During this time, we will have a little extra buffer to continue to scrub out the last bugs and polish the client as much we can.

The release date for the Fall of Everlife DLC and B2P transitions is now set for July 18th.

Structure of the new DLC

Our new content model will be fairly unique and we’d like to share with you how it’s going to work.

To begin with, we will be releasing a new DLC every two months where half of the cards within the DLC become unlocked in the second month. The goal here is to keep the game constantly fresh with monthly content while not asking people to have to pay every single month.

To be extra clear at the risk of repeating this: This means when you purchase the DLC in the first month, the first half of the total amount of cards in the DLC are unlocked right away. The second half become unlocked one month later, without a need for an extra purchase. If you purchase the DLC during the second month, you get every single card unlocked right away.

Fall of Everlife will contain 40 new cards, with the first 20 unlocking the first month, and therefore remaining 20 unlocking the following month.

We are pursuing this model for the first two sets of DLC but are not entirely committed to using it further until we are able to observe the results and gather feedback.

We’re also still not quite ready to announce the pricing, and the reasons here are very similar to why we’re reluctant to announce things like release dates! In the end, the goal is to have our DLC be as reasonably priced as possible so as many people can enjoy it as possible.

Tournaments in July

With the release date shifted back a couple weeks, this throws off our previous plans for the Fall of Everlife invitational - as next month we will be running our $2500 FWC Seasonal Cup for the Season of Ruunin as well.

Here is how we’re going to handle that.

  • The $2500 Ruunin Seasonal Cup will take place the Saturday before the release of Fall of Everlife, on July 14th.
  • During that week, we will also be putting together a special “Q&A” streaming event where developers will answer your questions live on Twitch!
  • The Saturday following the release, July 21st, will be the Fall of Everlife Invitational. This means we will be taking the top 16 players from the Season of Ruunin and broadcasting a tournament with very unique deck rules that serve to showcase cards from the new expansion.
  • There will be only one Championship League tournament in July for the new Season of Khalim, and it will take place the following Saturday, July 28th.

We recognize this will be a slightly odd month with how our normal official tournaments are scheduled, but we believe with this arrangement we can make the most of our Fall of Everlife promotion and be as fair as possible to our competitive players.

June Ruunin Open signups

The first $400 Championship League tournament of June takes place TOMORROW!

Register your decks in game and make sure to sign up on Battlefy. Keep an eye on Twitch channels where you can win prizes!

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