Faeria Friday: Join the Adventure

Gagana soars

The biggest news this week is that the Chronicles of Gagana is released.

Seasonal Cardback

The Seasonal cardbacks for participating in Ranked or Pandora play this month are as follows:

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Linux issues

We’re aware of some significant issues Linux users are experiencing since our latest patch.

We have identified the problem to be an issue with a Unity update, and are in the process of troubleshooting to figure out what we can do to remedy this.

We apologize for the wait.


The first Ruunin Open is now up for registration!

FWC Points have now been updated for the Season of Ruunin.

Aurora Seasonal Cup

The Aurora Seasonal Cup took place last Saturday. Miss it? No problem.

Top Finishers

  • 1st. Sunekichi - Japan
  • 2nd. xploring - Australia
  • 3rd. Amoeba - Denmark
  • 4th. LIEKA - South Korea

Faeria Giveaway

Matrien is giving away some Faeria! Comment on the above video for your chance to win a free copy of the Faeria Classic Edition & Chronicles of Gagana DLC.

Magic Carpet Sorocco OTK

Dance, Sorocco! Let the Flash Winds move your fiery spirit!

Red Mechas of Heartforge

Let’s. Explode. Together.

Decks of the Week

Note: We should have the new Gagana cards up on the Hub next week!

Aurora Seasonal Cup decks

Featured Community decks