Faeria Friday: Lady with the water

We proudly welcome Sam to the team! Also, Season card backs, and Aurora Open #2 on the horizon.

##February Season Cardbacks

This season’s cardbacks are ready for display! Now you know what you’re working for.

The current season ends Monday, March 5th at 12:00pm (Noon) CET.

Balance patch

We are currently in the process of implementing a balance patch internally and testing it properly. We will keep you updated as we go, but there is currently no ETA on live servers.

Introducing Sam

We’re proud to welcome Samuel Bailey to our game design team! He’s fully geared up and ready to go. What’s in that pouch? Game design, that’s what.

Sam is soon headed to our offices in Belgium, and has quite a gaming pedigree behind him. I recently had the chance of asking him some general questions to introduce himself. Here’s Sam!

How long have you worked in the games industry?

Sam: Since almost the dawn of time in some capacity or the other. I’ve worked at a Lan Center, a boardgame store, for Fantasy Flight Games, freelance on both Tabletop games and digital games, and finally now for Abrakam!

What gaming companies have you worked for?

Sam: Fantasy Flight Games is probably the major one. While there I was a designer and developer on games like Forbidden Stars, Talisman, Elder Sign, Netrunner, Imperial Assault; to name a few.

Which game are you the most proud to have been a part of creating?

Sam: Forbidden Stars was the game I had the biggest hand in shaping and it turned out so very good. I loved everything about the process, the collaboration with the other designers, coming up with solutions to fundamental problems, creating new cards based on the Warhammer 40k Universe. It was great.

What is one of your favorite games to play?

Sam: My favorite game of all time is Battlestar Gallactica. The hidden identity elements work so perfectly in the setting, and every playthrough is unique and interesting.

Do you have a favorite Faeria card?

Sam: Ruunin. She was my first legendary, after I was already focusing on green. I love that she enables a more control focused deck, as you handle opposition with taunt and healing until Ruunin’s value overtakes your opponent.

What are some of your hobbies?

Sam: All things nerdy. Reading fantasy and sci-fi, watching comic book movies, playing boardgames, card games, computer games. Roleplaying games and Larps. Designing games in my spare time.

Thanks, Sam - sounds like you’ll fit right in.

You may see Sam hanging around our Discord chat as Lolki. If you see him, make sure to say hello. We’re proud to have him aboard.

##FWC Championship League - Aurora Open #2

The second official Championship League tournament takes place tomorrow, February 24th.

Have a chance to win $400 in prizes and lots of FWC Points!

Don’t forget, you can win prizes just by watching any official or sanctioned tournament in the Faeria World Circuit. Tune in to the following streams for a chance to win prizes!

Remember to bind your Twitch account to Faeria by visiting your user profile in The Hub.

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