Faeria Friday: Leaderboards

Ranked Leaderboard

We’ve had the issue of our Ranked leaderboard in the past few months where usernames are not being displayed.

This, of course, is part of the consequence of our recent account changes in preparation for console.

While deliberating on the easiest way to fix this, we’re edging toward a solution that may leave us off better than we were to begin with.

How would you like to see leaderboards in-game? Just asking!

No DLC Guide Updated

If you haven’t seen it before, SuperbLizard has updated his “No DLC” list of competitive decks with 8 new additions.

A common question people ask in Faeria goes something like, “Do I need to have all of the DLC in order to play the best decks?”

Our general goal is for the answer to this question to be “no.” SuperbLizard has gone to great lengths to show Non-DLC decks can be very competitive, even playing one of them in the recent finals of the Khalim Open. (NO DLC GRY Salad Master)

In any case, this is a great guide to visit if you only have the base game of Faeria and want to try out some great decks you may not be aware of.

Season Reset

The Season Reset takes place on the first Monday of the month, which happens to be this Monday, November 4th!

In case you missed it, check out last week’s blog post on our cardback update.

November Tournaments

Decks of the Week

Bonus Halloween Yak

Thanks, Frostguard!