Faeria Friday: Leap Year Sale

Epic Discounts extended

Though the Epic free week is now over for Faeria, the DLC bundle discounts have been extended an extra week to March 5th!

Leap Year Sale

  • Faeria base game - 60% off
  • Faeria: Premium Edition - 40% off
  • Faeria: Fall of Everlife - 40% off
  • Faeria: Resurgence - 40% off

Faeria isn’t the only game on sale during this leap year. Check out these other titles from Versus Evil


We’ve received a few common questions this week from new players. Remember, if you are unsure about anything please join us on our official Discord and ask us directly!

Can I link my Epic and Steam accounts?

Unfortunately, linking your Steam, Epic, or XBOX Game Pass for PC accounts is not possible. Each platform has an independent account system, however all players on any platform can play with one another or add each other as friends.

Can I register my email address to multiple Faeria accounts?

An email address can only be registered to one Faeria account at a time. This means if you already have a Steam account for Faeria, you’ll need to use a different email address for your Epic account.

How do I make an account on “The Hub?”

Due to our recent account changes in preparation for console launch, new Faeria accounts can no longer register their account on “The Hub.” We plan on fixing this as soon as we are able.

Aurora Open #3 Results

Congratulations to the winners of Aurora Open #3 - the first tournament ever played on the “Zigzag” map!

Season Reset and March tournaments

Ranked and Pandora seasons in Faeria normally reset on the first Monday of each month.

That makes the next reset this coming Monday, March 2nd.

Resets happen at 12pm (Noon) CET.

March Tournaments

Registration for March tournaments are now open!

Beating Jalmyr on Turn 2 (Spoilers)

Yes, this is possible.

Hint: Barter helps.

Special thanks to hunter for the submission.

###Decks of the Week

Aurora Open #3 Decks (Map: Zigzag)

Featured Community Decks