Faeria Friday: Like herding yaks

A balance patch is coming next week. We also have a recap of the last Aurora Open, Card Creator Contest results, and more!

Balance patch next week

With the season reset this Monday, we aim to deploy a balance patch to live servers near the middle of next week. Keep an eye on our Discord for any exact dates as we get closer.

Season Reset

The current season ends Monday, March 5th at 12:00pm (Noon) CET.

AuroraOpen #2 Recap

Aurora Open #2 took place Saturday, February 24th.

Make sure to sign up for the final Championship League tournaments of the Aurora Season:

Community Content

Custom Card Creator Contest #4 Results

This time, card crafters were challenged to create cards based around a custom theoretical keyword: Stomp.

Shoutouts to Jumping beast that stomp on enemies

The Tale of Sharra, Dragonslayer

On the Day of Dragons, Sharra’s fear burned away with her village. Matrien spins a tale of his own making, based on this event.

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