Faeria Friday: Llamacorns

The Llamacorns are coming, and with them: The Blossoms of War.

Blossoms of War - a Resurgence story

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Ulani, a prisoner in her own realm, seeks desperately for a way to save her people. The first chapter of Blossoms of War begins the tale of the Resurgence.


Is it a llama? Is it a unicorn? Or is it a llama mixed with corn? No, it’s a Llamacorn, and it is not in a good mood.

While you may have encountered Enslaved Priests before, we’ll now be introducing an untainted Priest of Everlife to power up your creatures, potentially even your Llamacorns.

The next part of Resurgence will introduce these two new cards into the game on October 23rd.

The Kaios Challenge

Last week, you were challenged to raise Kaios or 275 or greater. Not only did a few of you achieve this, but some got much higher than expected.

Since you did so great of a job with that one, we have another challenge for you:

Can you reach over 2000 Faeria against the AI without using Feed the Forest?

Warning: This one is very difficult. If you’re able to achieve this, use the link above to make your submission and win some gems!

The KrogCast

The first ever KrogCast took place yesterday! In case you missed it:

It even contains a new card reveal! Make sure to follow Frostyreindeer’s Twitch channel for more KrogCasts in the future.

Khalim Open #5 Results

Last weekend’s Khalim Open winners:

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