Faeria Friday: Maximum Spook

PS4 Launch This Tuesday

It may be getting spooky out there, but don’t forget that Faeria is coming to PS4 on Tuesday.

Season Reset Monday

But wait… it’s the first Monday of the month on November 2nd. That means Season Reset time. That’s happening too.

Moonfassa’s SpOokY HauNtEd FriEnds

In the spirit of the season, learn how to control the spooky powers of cards that depend on opponent hand size - without Rapala even.

Spot lethal REDUX

Many moons ago, a spot lethal was proposed.

A solution was found, but it was not the intended solution.

Seifer Open #1

Seifer Open spookily takes place TOMORROW.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During this time, Belgium will have changed timezones while other countries will have not. This tournament takes place 18:00 BELGIUM TIME on the day of the tournament.

Decks of the Week