Faeria Friday: Monkey cup recap

The Monthly Cup recap is here! Let’s also talk about what you can expect to come next.

What is next?

The Oversky is now completely released, and we’re very proud of our work over this summer. Of course, our work is never done.

“What’s next?” doesn’t take very long to be on the tip of everyone’s lips - and we don’t fault anyone for that. The human hunger for more information can rarely be fully sated.

Our answer is that we will continue to work on improving the overall quality of Faeria, as always. This includes bug fixing, balance adjusting, and yes - creating new content to enjoy.

It’s a bit too early to be asking us when the “next” expansion is, but we’d for now like to say we have absolutely no plans to stop or slow down. Thanks for sticking along for the ride.

Monthly Cup XIV recap

In case you missed it, you can find Aquablad’s recap of last weekend’s $3300 competitive tournament by clicking the image above. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Full brackets
  • Videos of all broadcast matches
  • Decks of all the top 4 finishers

Take a look!

Yak pillow plushies update

Some yak pillow plushies from the pre-order have already shipped, and the remaining are still planned to be shipped throughout the rest of this month. Barring any customs delays, we expect this to go very smoothly. You’ll have your sleeping buddies soon!

Know when to hold 'em

We’d like to share something made by one of our Russian community members, haghehog.

With nothing more than a color printer and a laminator, he’s taken it upon himself to create his own set of Faeria playing cards. We thought it looks pretty dang neat.

Anyone else make something Faeria related at home?

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Magda
  • Fugoro
  • Seifer

Decks of the Week

Community Events

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