Faeria Friday: Monthly Cup XI

Monthly Cup XI takes place tomorrow! Remember, spamming !egg in chat gets you nothing, but it may serve as a catharsis. In other news: Become Krog.

##World Bosses

In case you missed it, World Bosses have come.

Want more? We plan to release a set of new bosses every Friday in June, starting next week.

While the introductory bosses may seem difficult - don’t forget: they are the lowest level challenges one can encounter.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

##Android release expanded to Belgium

Today we are expanding our Android soft launch into Belgium, to continue testing smaller regions before wider release. This will be in addition to its availability in Canada.

We look forward to releasing it to the masses as soon as possible!

##Monthly Cup XI: $3300 in prizes

The eleventh Monthly Cup takes place tomorrow! Do you have all your eggs in order?

Saturday, June 10th at 4:00pm CEST.

The Monthly Cup is a single elimination monthly competition where 32 of the best Faeria players from all over the world compete for $3300 in prizes. Each match consists of a Best of 5 series of games in Pantheon format.

Watch, cheer, and win. You can earn prizes just by watching the stream.

##How to win prizes

The most important thing you need to know in order to win prizes while watching the Monthly Cup stream is to link your Faeria account directly to Twitch by using The Hub. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

Please note, if you have ever changed your Twitch display name after linking your accounts, you MUST unlink your accounts then RELINK them, or you will receive no prizes. Changing your Twitch username breaks the linking process.

The prize structure is as follows:
(Remember, each is a CHANCE to win)

You are able to view your Egg Timer at any moment by looking at your profile on The Hub.

##Egg hatching

As with every other Monthly Cup, Eggs will be hatching the entire weekend.

There are 8 total hatchlings you can potentially get. After that, your Eggs won’t hatch. It’s possible to hatch more than one Egg in the same weekend. If you’re logged into Faeria during the hatching period, your Eggs are even more likely to hatch.

Here is all the information concerning the Egg and Egg hatching event

##Become Krog

We now have enough cosmetic bundles to begin rotating them weekly. This week, we have three legendary bundles available for you, including none other than the most powerful Ogre in the world.

Now you too can be king. We also have the following which were available earlier in the week as well:

###Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

###Decks of the Week

###Helpful Guides

###Community Events

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