Faeria Friday: PC Pricing Adjustments

Faeria PC Pricing Adjustments

With Faeria now out on consoles, the pricing of our game has become a little incongruous across the different platforms.

Therefore, we are adjusting pricing for the PC version to better match console pricing. You should start to see price adjustments at PC retailers this week and into next week. For most countries and regions this will be a price drop, but because of exchange rates you will have to check your local store prices, as costs will vary.

Here are some examples of the new pricing:

Note: One day the world will get together and agree on commas or periods.

48 Hour Marathon

Two crazy people are working together this weekend to run a 48 hour marathon of Faeria, in celebration of the console launch.

They’ll be handing it off back and forth, so make sure to follow both channels.

Here is a taste of the things you may witness as the madness begins to set in:

There will be giveaways, and tournament coverage tomorrow!

Speaking of…

Khalim Registration

Register and play before tomorrow! Console players welcome, but you’ll need to be in our Discord channel also, or at least in Battlefy.

Taste the rainbow… of decks

New to Faeria? Looking for some good beginner decks?

Lucky you, here is a handy guide on some example beginner decks you can easily make, and are quite powerful:

Special thanks to Moonfassssaaaaaa and Matrien for putting those together.

Faeria Fanart

We always like seeing fan art. Thanks to @Kaeurkero for putting this ensemble together for console launch. Not sure how Seifer uses his beefy arm on the Switch buttons, but I guess it works.

Decks of the Week