Faeria Friday: Quest for fluff

After releasing six brand new cards this week, we send our office yaks on a critical mission. Don’t forget, Monthly Cup qualifier tomorrow!

##Quest for fluff

In just under two weeks, pre-orders for the Adventure Pouch will close. As we mentioned in our World Bosses announcement, we increased the available Plush Yak Pillows from 500 to 1000. In order to be able to meet all of these orders, we were forced to send two of our interns into the wild unknown to gather their kin.

Here we see them planning out their journey while the camera smoothly tilts to provide a closer perspective. They’ve a long journey ahead, and the road is dangerous.

Deep in the forests, they search for their kin. Can they possibly find enough of their fellow fluffy brethren? By horn and by hoof, they set off into what looks like a Belgian forest but is actually a very fantastical far-off location.

To see more photos of these intrepid interns, including some of their work around the office:

When will the Plush Yak Pillows arrive at my door?

If you’ve ordered the Collector’s Pouch, your plushie will ship within 3 to 4 weeks of when the Adventure Pouch launches this summer. While having them walk to your door would save on shipping, we’re going to use more conventional means in order to ensure they arrive in one piece.

##Cards a’plenty

The big news is of course that earlier this week we added six new cards to the game, and made Faeria Steam trading cards available for the first time ever.

Today we’ve completed adding the new cards to The Hub deckbuilder - so go hog wild.

##Steam Pack

Don’t forget, there are only 3 days left on the Steam Pack sale!

Last call for this special deal on Goki, an exclusive card back, gems, Mythic Chests, and Battle Chests.

##Monthly Cup XI qualifier

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s already time for the next MC qualifier! It’s almost as if these things happen every month.

Remember, if you’re put on the waiting list you still have a high chance of making it in the tournament as long as you check in beforehand.

If you’ve never competed in a Monthly Cup tournament before, read this guide on how it works.

Keep an eye on Faeria streams this Saturday to see who might be commentating on qualifier games!

##Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

###Decks of the Week

Note, the six new cards added this week have only just been added to the Hub today, so expect more decks with those cards to come pouring in soon.

Flying Rocket SPAWNALARM? Sounds like an anime.

###Helpful Guides

##Community Events

Thank you for the plush toy.

When I first came to faeria, I was impressed by the pleasant art theme, and I thought, ‘well, it almost doesn’t matter what the actual game is – if only I might have a hello kitty plush.’

As an old fan, I’m generally pretty happy with the way the game going. That is why I still play so much.

I also think that Abrakam, as a company, is going in the right direction, and I am proud to be part of the fanbase. The company is proving that they know what they are doing., and I am telling all of my friends how much I enjoy Faeria.


there’s no prizes in this Monthly Cup?

Of course there are. Same as last time. $3300 in total.