Faeria Friday: Questions and Answers

Today we’re answering some questions hot off the heels of last week’s New Economy announcement. Also, season cardbacks, community guides, and more!

May Season Cardbacks

Taking player feedback into consideration, we’d like to work at releasing our current season’s special cardbacks a little earlier in the season so players know what they might be working toward.

Here are the cardbacks currently available to earn in the ongoing May 2018 season:

And here is how you can earn them:

Now do it.

New Economy FAQ

Last week, we announced the specifics of the upcoming new economy this summer and how accounts will be affected.

As expected, there were a lot of questions. We’ll do our best right now to answer most of them. If you find your question isn’t answered here, it’s possible because we’re still working out the specifics of some particular edge cases.

"Will the new expansion be purchased with Gems, Shards, or only through the Steam store?"

DLC for Faeria will only be purchasable through the Steam store.

“If I own the DLC, will Mythic Chests contain the new cards as well?”

Yes, buying the DLC unlocks the content for all Battle Chests, Mythic Chests, and crafting. You must own the DLC to gain access to the new cards.

“Will I need to own a related DLC to play cards related to it in Pandora?”

Nope, owning the DLC isn’t needed to play the related cards in Pandora. We want everyone to have access to any card in the game to keep the playing field even, and to allow them to experiment with cards outside of their collection.

“Will Mythic Pandora and Normal Pandora have the same matchmaking queue?”

Yes, anyone who plays any mode of multiplayer Pandora will be put in the same matchmaking queue.

“Is there any amount of cards or content unlocked right away?”

Each batch of content may vary in its design. Our first DLC, which will consist of cards, will be unlocked through Battle Chests and crafting.

“What happens if you are only missing 1-3 cards when you open the final Chest to complete your collection? Will you only get the number of cards you are missing?”

You will only receive the number of cards you are missing in your final Battle Chest. This will only happen one time per addition of new content, so hopefully won’t feel too bad.

“What will happen to the prices for cosmetics?”

They will stay relatively the same, but will now be purchasable with Shards or Gems at an equivalent ratio to before. Some will be Gems only, and many new ones will be introduced.

“What about missions packs? What will they cost?”

Mission packs will now be completely free, with slightly lower rewards to compensate for this.

“If I bought the Steam Pack while it was on sale, does the original price or the sale price count towards the Deluxe Edition?”

Since it will be difficult for us to determine whether or not you made a purchase on sale, we will treat it as if you paid the original price for the item.

“Is there an easy way for me to see how close I am to the 40$ Deluxe Upgrade?”

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for us to help you track this. You should check your old receipts, emails, and Steam records to have a good idea where you stand.

“Regarding local currencies, which exchange value will count toward the dollar value?”

All purchases will be assumed they were made in dollars, for ease of calculation. Whatever the dollar value of the item is that you purchased, that’s the credit you will get.

“What happens if you have all Mythic Cards and every cosmetic in the game, then open a Mythic Chest?”

In this specific case, the Mythic Chest will refuse to open until more content is added. We expect this will happen to only a very few number of players who have hoarded mountains of gold like a frightening, greedy dragon.

“Will Commons/Rares/Epics all cost one charge in crafting? Or will it be 1/2/3 charges based on rarity?”

Nope, they’ll cost 1 Charge no matter the Rarity, but you’ll need to be level 10 or above for Rares, or 25 or above for Epics.

Keep track of all information we’ve released in our Summer Content Guide, formerly known as the Summer FAQ. Please feel free to ask us all the questions you want, wherever our ears will hear it.

Path to Face

We’d like to acknowledge the increased presence of a certain deck out there that players have taken to calling “Path to Face.” In general, this is a deck that uses Path to Paradise and other tools to deliver a powerful barrage of aggression in a short amount of time.

While this deck archetype has existed for quite a long time, it seems to have become more perfected/prevalent in the past few weeks. We’re keeping a very close eye on it, and may likely implement some balance changes in the near future… along with a few other surprises before the new content this summer.

As always, we are reluctant to make any balance chances that we aren’t certain will improve the game as a whole. It’s important for us that to maintain a diverse meta wherever possible. Thank you for your continued feedback in this area, and stay tuned for more news regarding this.

Ruunin Open #3 Recap

Ruunin Open #3 took place Saturday, May 12. Here’s the recap!

Xged returns to the top, along with Alvar and two brand new faces making a top four finish. Will the dreaded GoochGoblin become a menacing force in Faeria’s competitive scene? Time will tell.

Sign up for next Saturday’s Ruunin Open #4 here:

Helpful Guides

Werf’s Blue Green 5’s Deck Guide

This deck guide is all about 5’s. You only need to hit the opponent 4 times to win. Wait, that’s not a 5. Let Werfs explain it best.

New card analysis

Respected players Minocaro, Teddy, ChiefBromden, Donpork, and ESofDawn breakdown their reviews of the revealed cards so far in Faeria’s next expansion. See how the pros view the upcoming content, and get a sneak peak of a card you may not have heard of yet…

PicaMula’s Deck Tracker guide

We’re always happy to see the community building content related to Faeria. In regards to deck tracking software like this example, our general policy is that if it does not do whatever a pen and paper cannot already do, we’re okay with it. However, we cannot officially support third party software we cannot control ourselves, and these tools you should use at your own risk.

Decks of the Week

Community events

  • Hex Templar V
  • Saturday, May 19th
  • FWC Point sanctioned for Season of Ruunin