Faeria Friday: Rakoan engine-uity

Have a look at another piece of artwork from Faeria’s next expansion, currently in development. Monthly Cup qualifiers start tomorrow!

Monthly Cup XVII Qualifier

The first of two Monthly Cup qualifiers kicks off tomorrow!

Monthly Cup XVII takes place Saturday, December 9th at 16:00 CET.

Streaming the qualifiers

Looking to stream the qualifiers? Commentary and spectating are always welcome, whether you’re a player or observer. Contact Atmaz#8603 in our Discord server and we can help arrange matches for you to spectate!

Vote for your favorite

Don’t forget, you can cast your vote for the player you’d most like to see compete in the Faeria Monthly Cup, any time you want.

Regarding gathering votes for the Monthly Cup:

While we will always encourage players to spread the word about Faeria, we do not encourage practices which may violate the terms of service of the platform in which you solicit these votes.

We think it’s great when players ask others to vote for them to compete in our esports competition, as it often draws outside eyes to our community and perhaps piques the interest of those who discover Faeria for the first time this way. But please be careful to not “spam” users or deliver your solicitations in a way which may be considered unwelcome or intrusive. This is not something we encourage.

Thank you!

If Yaks Could Talk

Caption Contest #2 Results

The yaks have spoken. Click below to see the results of the ogre-filled caption contest.

Caption Contest #3: Enter the Rakoa

For the next caption contest we have yet another piece of art from Faeria’s next upcoming expansion. You may have noticed it in today’s blog post banner art!

Submissions close next Friday.

Flame Spitter and other card text

Current known issues with card text:

  • Flame Spitter incorrectly has the same card text as Seifer’s Fodder.
  • The card still properly functions as: Gift - Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
  • Whoops.
  • Localized text from the last patch for Volcanic Colossus has not been properly implemented at this time.
  • Short-term corrective action for this will be to list it in English until this is possible to do, along with other cards changed in the last patch.

Helpful Guides

Decks of the Week

Community events

Metashaker deckbuilding contest

  • Enter here
  • Rules: Use Triton Banquet or Triton Chef
  • Submissions end on Sunday, November 26th.

Custom Card Creator Contest #2

  • Enter here
  • Rules: Land manipulation
  • Submissions due no later than 11:59 November 26, CEST

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

  • Seifer’s Orb
  • Fugoro’s Well
  • Verduran Force Avatar
  • Magda’s Card Back

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Sharra
  • Khalim
  • Hoaka