Faeria Friday: Rakoan round-up

We have three brand new Rakoans to share with you - Fall of Everlife Part 2 releases NEXT TUESDAY! Also, Card Creation Contest results, tournaments, and more. It’s Faeria Friday.

Rakoan invasion

The second part of Fall of Everlife will contain a whopping eight new Rakoan cards. We’ve already shown you five, which you can refresh your memory of here.

Today we’ll be revealing the final remaining three!

Fall of Everlife Part 2 unlocks TUESDAY, August 21st!

Rakoan Champion is the powerful lynch-pin for Rakoan tribal decks, gaining in strength as you fill your board with more and more vengeful Rakoans. Taking the phrase “strength in numbers” literally, this small soldier is anything but a pushover.

Rakoakopters are a fleet of ingenious flying machines that the rakoans have repurposed for combat. The “splash damage” of this card takes effect after its Dash is resolved, allowing you to sneak into enemy positions and deliver a nice hot surprise.

But wait… that’s only two. Where did the third card go?

Oh great. Werfs took it!

Refining the journey

The “user journey” is the term we use to describe an individual player’s progression in the game. Faeria is designed in such a way to gradually introduce new concepts and cards to players at an easily-digestible pace without them becoming too overwhelmed.

However, since the transition to B2P we have been listening to a lot of player feedback, and feel that this progression may now feel a little 'too gradual."

With the release of Part 2 of Fall of Everlife next week - we will be making impactful changes to the user journey the day the patch is released. We’re looking at significantly increasing the rate of crafting and adjusting the amount of Battle Chests gained from levels and Daily Quests.

Thank you for the feedback!

Card Creation Contest results

This time, players were challenged to create cards based on in-game avatars.

Tournament timer adjustment

For a long time now, official tournaments have had a “9 minute per game” timebank - meaning a Best of 5 would give player’s a total timebank of 45 minutes across the entire match.

After the Fall of Everlife Invitational where we experimented with the reduction of timebanks to “6 minutes per game”, we received some feedback from our competitive players.

In the end, we’ve decided to reduce the official timebank of all standard official Faeria tournaments to “8 minutes per game.” This means a Best of 5 will now provide a total timebank of 40 minutes for the entire match.

This timer adjustment has been in effect since last weekend’s Khalim Open, but we noticed we haven’t officially announced this on our blog yet. So - here it is!

Last weekend’s Khalim Open winners:

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Stream watching prizes:

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Hex Templar League - Season 2

Hex Templar, the community tournament league run by werfs, is back in action.

Sign up for the first two tournaments starting in September:

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Decks of the Week

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