Faeria Friday: Reaching for the Oversky

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

##Reaching for the Oversky

In case you missed it, we revealed the first four cards from Oversky last weekend, and applied a balance patch on Tuesday.

We are now, and have been for some time, pushing full steam ahead into the Oversky.

The Oversky is an untouched tropical paradise floating high above the clouds. Players will have the opportunity to explore this new environment where they can encounter new creatures, habitats, and resources never before discovered by the rest of the world.

To assist you in your exploration, you might also want some tools to help you navigate your way through the skies.

Let’s help you out with that, by introducing the Grappling Hook:

The Grappling Hook will be a new card introduced in the Oversky that can allow your creatures to both attack from afar and close the distance at the same time. Seems like the perfect tool to have in your pocket when you’re running around on some floating islands, right?

The Grappling Hook will be yet another card that features the new “Wild” land requirement, which we discussed last update.

As we continue to gradually reveal cards up until the release of Oversky, we want to make it clear we do not plan to reveal every single one before they become available on live servers - that just wouldn’t be as fun. Remember, numbers such as cost, attack, and life may be subject to change after vigorous amounts of testing by our team of specially trained yaks.

##Monthly Cup XII Recap

One year of Monthly Cups are behind us. In case you missed it last weekend, we’ve put together a comprehensive recap with everything you would want to know.

  • Bracket results
  • Videos for all matches
  • Deck lists

It’s all right here!

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  • Krog
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###Decks of the Week

The most recent Metashaker deckbuilding contest results are in! This edition’s challenge: Soulbound Sagami

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I can imagine that Grappling Hook being a lot of fun in Crackthorn decks.
The art is gorgeous, too.

Grappling hook+seifer.
Grappling hook+any death touch
Grappling hook+any combat
I have a feeling grappling hook is going to seriously shake the meta

What an intriguing new card - great work! So curious to see all the ways the community will use this. I’m hoping this new red reach mechanic will be balanced by interesting counters in the other colors (mono green control, please!) Thanks for the helpful update. Have a great weekend!

It is sad. This card is very powerful. Just make five lands and win.