Faeria Friday: Refereum

Faeria Refereum

Say that ten times fast.

Versus Evil is helping us team up with Refereum to bring you a whole new way to get get Faeria, DLC, and other games for free!

Watch or stream Faeria and participate in quests to win the game, DLC, and even some other amazing titles from Versus Evil.

You can also earn points in all kinds of different ways, like following our social media accounts and what not.

Do some stuff, watch some streams, get free games!

It’s pretty simple. Give it a look.

Account infrastructure work

As we prepare our server infrastructure in support of consoles, we’ll be making some changes to our account system.

The most noticeable change is that there will no longer be a login/password system.

Accounts will become directly bound to specific platforms, such as Steam or say - a console!

This functionality will be transparent to you as a player, and you won’t really have to do anything about this. We just wanted to let you know.

We plan on deploying these changes next week!

Best of 23 - Aqua v Noa

In case you missed it, Aquablad recently squared off against Noaphiel in a Best of 23 on our Twitch channel.

Who wins? I won’t spoil it for you.

Roguebook Yak Mounts

In Roguebook news, we’ve introduced a new Kickstarter Exclusive mountable Yak!

Ever want to ride a Yak? Well here you go.

You can’t ride Yaks in Faeria, although we did at one point consider “Mount” as a keyword. Should we try and bring it back?

Weekend Tournament

Only two tournaments remain in the season of Ruunin. Join now!

Decks of the Week