Faeria Friday: Resurgence

Faeria’s next expansion: Resurgence, makes its way to Steam on September 19th.

Faeria’s next expansion: Resurgence

War rages.

Corruption spreads across the world, threatening to taint all things good and pure. New monsters and wicked men flock to the Imperial banner, hoping to share in the spoils of war.

Despite suffering great losses, hope blooms in the hearts of those who choose to fight back. Victory, against all odds, appears to be possible with new allies joining the cause.

Faeria: Resurgence will become available on Steam on September 19th, featuring 40 brand new cards.

Just as in Fall of Everlife, 20 cards will unlock right away, and 20 more will unlock the next month (October).

Let’s talk about some of those cards.

Ghosts, Spectres, and Wraiths

New threats rise from the desert.

In Resurgence, Yellow decks will gain the ability to increase the weight of their opponent’s hand, and reap the benefits. Greed and hesitance will be punished.

The Tower of Curses

The Tower of Curses was featured in a special Puzzle not very long ago. In Resurgence, you will be able to wither your enemies away by making use of this fearsome structure.

More to come

With release of the first 20 cards less than 2 weeks away, expect many more reveals to come. Keep an eye out for community streams and other content which will bring more cards to light.

Q&A Stream next Wednesday

We’re happy to announce we’ll be doing another Q&A stream live on FaeriaTV at 16:30 on Wednesday, September 12th.

Ask anything you’d like? We’ll answer to the best of our abilities in real time!


To celebrate the release of Resurgence, we’ll be hosting a special tournament:

Faeria Half-Time: All turns are 45 seconds long!

Winner, once again, will receive a special custom Yak avatar of their choosing!

This tournament will be streamed on our official Twitch channel.

Seasonal Card Backs

The card backs for the current season are here!

Here’s how you can earn them:

Hex Templar Recap

The Hex Templar kicked off last weekend with its season 2 premier.

Community fanfic

Matrien has put together a collaborative effort with voice acting from some members of the community.

I won’t spoil who the actors are. Watch for yourself!

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