Faeria Friday: Return of Blitz

Faeria Blitz returns

This holiday season, get ready for the return of Faeria Blitz.

Faeria Blitz is a special competition wherein players have merely 20 seconds to take each turn. In Faeria, that can get quite challenging.

Will anyone be brave enough to play GY Sac?

The ABSOLUTE Beginner’s Guide to Faeria - Part 2

This week, Moonfassa takes a look at cards, deckbuilding, and cosmetics.
If you’re new to the game, this series will serve you well.

Seifer Open #2 Results

Congratulations to the top finishers from last weekend’s Seifers Open:

  • 1st. Amoeba - Denmark
  • 2nd. asdg2323 - Canada
  • 3rd. Nomisabeu - Canada
  • 4th. JTD - USA

Watch a recording of the finals here

November Tournaments

Back to back tournament weekends!

Decks of the Week

Seifer Open Decks