Faeria Friday: Roguebook is coming

Roguebook is coming

We are happy to invite you to join in on the early development of our brand new game, Roguebook.

This June, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter for this brand new project. Roguebook is a roguelike deckbuilder set in the Faeria universe.

We’re incredibly excited for this, and will be sharing more information with you soon.

For now, be sure to sign up on our website to ensure you receive the latest updates on the game, and access to the beta when it arrives!

Roguebook Survey

We’d like to ask you some more questions!

Our last survey was very helpful to us in shaping the direction of our next game.

Please take the time to complete this new survey about Roguebook, and the roguelike deckbuilder genre in general:

Win three free Mythic Chests just by filling it out!

What about Faeria?

We’d like to make it clear we are continuing to work on Faeria along with this new project, and are excited only in expanding its universe.

Chronicles of Gagana is intended to be only the first in a trilogy of card expansions coming your way, and we of course have been working hard on porting to consoles this year.

The reason we have chosen to make a roguelike is that we want to continue to pursue Faeria as our main PvP cardgame.

Roguebook is not a replacement for Faeria - it’s something more.


On a side note, this is our 300th blog post on Faeria.com! Let’s celebrate.

We recently had some visitors to our studio in Belgium, and held a barbecue to celebrate the occassion.

Who are those visitors, and why are some of them holding cameras?

You’ll find out soon.

Here you can see P-Why handing one of them a beverage of indeterminate alcohol content.

Upcoming Tournaments

As a reminder, you must register on Battlefy and check in 1 hour before the tournament begins.

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Decks of the Week


It is not physically possible for me to be more exited than I am right now for RogueBook. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!