Faeria Friday: Safe for Children

Faeria receives an official rating

We are happy to announce that Faeria has received official rating from various agencies!

  • ESRB - “E” for Everyone
  • PEGI - 7 or older
  • USK - 6 or older

We did it for the children.

In all seriousness, these official ratings help us significantly with reaching as wide an audience as possible with Faeria for all kinds of marketing reasons.

This of course should last until we release our “Aurora’s Bikini Chainsaw Adventure” DLC.

Seasonal Card Backs

This month’s seasonal card backs are here, and they’re very unique.

Click to expand…

What do you think, do they seem special to you?

You can earn the above card backs by playing until the season reset next month!

Hunter’s Stargazer Puzzle

If you’ve been in our Discord recently, you may have seen Hunter’s Stargazer puzzle here:

Well, the solution is here - and only SuperbLizard was able to solve it.

It’s a tricky one.

Ruunin Open #4 Results

Congratulations to the top finishers of Ruunin Open #4!

Only one tournament in June, and therefore the Season of Ruunin remains:

Hammer of Destruction Tutorial

TheVisualPine recently put together an excellent tutorial for the Hammer of Destruction.

Decks of the Week

Ruunin Open #4 Decks

Community Decks