Faeria Friday: Salmon's Revenge

Off to GDC

Next week we head to the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco!

If you’re attending the event, you can find us in a booth near other Belgian developers. Look for the all-seeing blue Abrakam eye, watching your every move.

Bring candy.

Initial post-patch observations

So far, we’re fairly happy with the results of the last balance patch. Mid-range decks have re-emerged and we’re seeing a healthy amount of deck diversity. Players seem more willing and eager to experiment. As always, we continue to watch, learn, and listen.

Unfortunately, we seem to have angered the Flash Salmon by granting it the power of Divine. You can see the Salmon’s reaction photo in the banner on top of this post.

Aurora Open #3 Recap

One more Aurora Open remains, scheduled on Saturday, March 24th.

The date for the $2500 Aurora Seasonal Cup is set for SATURDAY, APRIL 7th.

Players have until March 31st to continue earning FWC Points. All points April 1st until the end of June count for Season of Ruunin, including the next ladder reset.

Two community tournaments take place this weekend. See below for more details!

Tournament VOD channel

With community casting of the various Faeria tournaments, videos of the recordings are located on those community members individual Twitch channels.

Skorch13 is working to consolidate all of these recordings in one easy-access location: The FaeriaEventVODs Youtube channel.

To have your videos added to this channel, please contact skorch13 on our official Discord.

Helpful Guides

Decks of the Week

Community events

Hunter posted a new puzzle https://imgur.com/a/KiXcn

and Summerflame made a solution video https://youtu.be/zO6U96GGhno

posted on discord, it’s pretty cool to watch

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