Faeria Friday: Season of Ruunin

Special PVP Maps

We continue to be pleased and surprised by what interesting things develop when we activate a special PvP map.

Last weekend, Confined seemed to be fairly popular and there were a lot of people competing to find the “best” strategy. It was a lot of fun.

It’s important to keep in mind that PvP maps are not meant to be perfectly balanced or even have known end results. Faeria’s board is indelibly part of the overall balance of the game, and changing such a fundamental thing will break certain cards, nerf certain cards, or make otherwise unpopular cards suddenly the stars of the show.

We don’t intend to do it very often - but when we do, remember: It’s all for fun.

Season of Ruunin

Ruunin Open #1 takes place TOMORROW.

Decks of the Week