Faeria Friday: Seasonal Cup Tomorrow

Seasonal Cup

The Ruunin Seasonal Cup takes place TOMORROW:

  • Saturday, July 18 @ 16:00 CET

Watch it live tomorrow on FaeriaTV and also on other player streams.

2020 Weirdness

We apologize for all of the unexpected delays we’ve been getting in 2020, but some things have just been out of our control. From console release to the 10k tournament, everything has simply slowed down in general. Hopefully the global situation will measure itself out soon, and perhaps a new species will take over the planet.


Until then, we are actually making a lot of progress in the console department. You may be getting news sooner than a normal “soon.”

Figure that out, if you can.

Deck of the Week

Do you like fish? Do you like B? Do you like G? This is the deck for you.

The real question is why anyone would make a BG Fish deck without Gift of Rakoa, but hey, he probably knows what he’s doing.