Faeria Friday: Season's greetings

The current ladder season ends this Monday! Get your votes in for the Monthly Cup next weekend.

October Season Ending

You have one more weekend to grind those points.

  • Season reset: Monday, November 6th at 12pm (Noon) CET

Note that recently CEST has shifted in timezone to CET (one hour earlier).

Here are the card backs you’ll be awarded, should you earn them:

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite player to compete in next weekend’s $3300 Monthly Cup XVI!

HD Oversky Card Art

Due to popular demand, we’ve recently added HD versions of all Oversky card art to our public Dropbox.

Google Play update change

While we had assigned the Android app to specific regions (Canada and Belgium) on the Google Play store previously, a recent change to Google Play now prevents devices outside of those regions from even updating the app, if they had installed it by some other method.

While choosing how this works is outside of our control, we also still are not ready to open the Android application to a wider release outside of Canada and Belgium until we have improved it and raised it to the standards we have set for ourselves.

Our intention was never to ‘lock out’ anyone who previously had access to the Android app, which is why it has been region locked from the very beginning. Thank you for understanding.

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

  • Hoaka’s Orb
  • Gabria Well
  • Underground Boss Avatar
  • Mosaic Solar Card Back

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Aurora
  • Krog
  • Tarum

Helpful guides

Decks of the Week

MetaShaker #10 Contest results - Ranged decks:

Community contests

Hi Atmaz, thx for information !

About the android app, i don’t understand why you are not really to the full world release.
Seriously i play since the beta and it was perfect (no lag no bug).
Why do you say it’s not ok for you ?

Actually i only play on android app so i won’t be able to play to this beautiful game …

Do you have an information for us when the app will be ready ?

You need to finish it fast i think cause faeria don’t have the popularity of Heartstone or Gwent.
Kill them ! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more than just fixing UI bugs and crashes. We have some important improvements we’d like to make to the way the app works that we can’t really get specific on quite yet!


I can understand sure. But please don’t search too much the perfection.
The time is important (beta was a long time ago) because people run away from faeria (my friends do).
If the base pool of players become too low the game will die (few players so no new players who want to invest time and money because they fear the game will die and it effectivly die because of that)

It happen to Duel of Champion (i cry when i remember what ubisoft do to DOC).
I know it’s different but Faeria need more players to compete with big TCG monster.
Android app can help a lot.

The more you wait, the more people invest their time and money into bigger TCG.

Personnaly i love faeria so i will be here even if the game “fail”, like for DOC ^^

Thanks for the info Atman. I haven’t seen any updates on the state of the iPhone client. Anything you can tell us about that? Also, is it too late to get into the beta testing for it? Thanks for any reply!