Faeria Friday: Seifer Seasonal Cup

Seifer Seasonal Cup

The Seifer Seasonal Cup takes place TOMORROW.

  • When: Saturday, January 18th. 16:00 CET
  • Where: FaeriaTV

Watch the best players in Faeria fight it out until there’s only one winner left. You’re guaranteed to see some good games in the Seasonal Cup. It’s a great way to learn from the pros!

Connection issue fix

This week we corrected an issue some players were reporting regarding connectivity to Faeria servers.

Turns out there was a weird problem with our Asian servers. If you play from that region, you should now notice an improvement.

Please continue to report connectivity issues you’re experiencing. Thank you!

Localisation Help

Are you a native speaker of one of Faeria’s supported languages?

Are you looking to volunteer to help translate Faeria?

We have a new patch in the works that is going to take a bit of translation work in the near future, and could use your help.

If you like looking at spreadsheets like the one above, this is for you!

Interested? Please message Atmaz#0923 in our Official Discord channel.