Faeria Friday September 30th, 2016: A Brief Twilight

We’re gathering all of your feedback and questions on the upcoming changes for v0.9. Don’t forget, the next seasonal reset is upon us - and therefore the next Monthly Cup!

##A New Dawn

In case you missed it, we’ve just made some important announcements yesterday regarding the Core Set, major changes to the user journey, shop improvements, and upcoming Pandora changes. Please take the time to read them here, if you haven’t already:

Since we’ve made these posts, we’ve been gathering a lot of your questions from our Discord, Reddit, Steam, and our forums. We know there’s a lot to take in from this news, and we still have a lot of details left to share with you.

We will be compiling your questions over the weekend and address them all in one big batch early next week. We want to make sure we’re answering as accurately and clearly as possible. In the mean time, please feel free to continue openly sharing your thoughts with us, as you always do.

##Ranked Season Reset

Like clockwork, our Ranked season will be resetting on the first Monday of the new month, which happens to be this coming Monday, October 3rd. Ladder positions (for the Monthly Cup) will be locked in at 12:00pm (Noon) CEST, and the ladder resets shortly thereafter.

Here are the current season’s card backs you’ll be receiving if you qualify, with God rank on the right:

##Monthly Cup round-up

These next two weekends will be heavy with relevant Monthly Cup activity, which is scheduled to take place Saturday, October 8th.

Firstly, we have our first special guest invitee to introduce:

SuperJJ is no stranger to competitive digital card games. A German player from compLexity Gaming, you can let his history of winnings speak for itself. We’re excited to see him perform.

We still have quite a few slots left to fill for Monthly Cup participants.

Eight more will be determined tomorrow, October 1st at 6pm CEST in the second set of qualifiers.

Four more will be determined at 23:59 CEST on Sunday, October 2nd by popular vote.

Finally, eight more will be determined after the seasonal reset mentioned above. At that point, we’ll have one more invitee to announce, and we’ll kick right into gear with the next 32 player $3300 Monthly Cup.

##ESL Go4Faeria

The Monthly Cup isn’t the only game in town anymore. ESL’s September season is over, and the Top 8 players for the $400 finals on October 15th have been determined.

Interested on getting in on the next month’s set of cups? You’re in luck! They start this Sunday:

Have a great weekend. :krog: