Faeria Friday: Server issues update

North American Server issues

We’ve experienced an issue this week that resulted in us bringing down our servers in the US for a few days.

Don’t panic, you can still play Faeria in the USA!

It does mean that you may experience a bit more lag than usual, as you’ll be automatically connected to our European or Asian servers.

We’ve decided to leave them down until we can fix the underlying issue as there is a risk the problem can resurface and cause more worrying problems. We expect to have them back up early next week.

Seifer Seasonal Cup Results

The Seifer Seasonal Cup took place last Saturday.

Here are the winners:

  • 1st. Elpaniko23 - Germany
  • 2nd. bamserr - Finland
  • 3rd. Amoeba - Denmark
  • 4th. jyori - Japan

Broadcast recordings:

Aurora Open #1 tomorrow

With the Season of Seifer over, it’s time to kick off a brand new 2020 FWC season with the Season of Aurora.

Registrations for Aurora Open #1 are now open!

Decks of the Week

Featured Seifer Open Decks

Commmunity Decks