Faeria Friday: Shaping the Way

We’ve some important news to share regarding the upcoming patches and brand new cards, as well as an update to our esports commitment and where we’re at right now.

Incoming patch

As mentioned previously, we will be patching Faeria next week. Along with the important Solo content overhaul, we’ll also be introducing some significant additions to the existing card base.

Two brand new keywords will be revealed and introduced on a small amount of existing cards. This new functionality will give you just a taste of what is to come in the 10 new cards we will be introducing soon after this patch.

10 new cards

Of course, we’re very excited about the impending addition of 10 brand new cards to Faeria. There’s just no substitute for new toys to play with.

Along with the patch next week, we’ll begin releasing the teasers we know you’re hungry for.

New card art

Thirteen cards will be receiving their final art in next week’s patch. We’re soon to the point where all placeholder art will have been… well… replaced. With the addition of this new art, next week will mark the first point in time where all of Blue’s existing cards have their final illustrations, making it the first color to be artwork complete in Early Access!

Our Esports Commitment

In early April of this year, we announced the first iteration of our integrated tournament system and our intentions to commit $100,000 in cash prizes for our esports events by the end of the year.

The main goal of our early venture into esports, while being in Early Access, was to create the spark of a competitive scene that would help us strengthen the core gameplay of Faeria.

With that in mind, we started off with our first major tournament, the GO Clash. Shortly after, we followed by creating recurring official tournaments through the Faeria Monthly Cups and working with partners such as ESL and PlayFaeria.com. Everyone who has been following us through our Early Access can see that this has helped shape the current version of Faeria’s gameplay.

Esports is still just as important to us as ever, however delays in our development schedule over the past months mean that the game is not where we need it to be in order to scale up our esports events as fast as previously expected. Therefore, we have to let you know that the original schedule of hitting $100,000 by the end of 2016 will not be possible - although we stay absolutely committed to hitting that level of cash prizes, and more, after our full release early next year.

By the end of this year, we will have given out $30,000 in cash prizes, and much more in in-game item prizes. As to what comes next for Faeria esports, our first series of Go4Faeria, hosted by ESL, comes to a conclusion at the end of this month, and we are looking forward to launching a second series with ESL to correspond with our 1.0 release. In the time between now and then, we’ll still have our Monthly Cups, as well as some other exciting tournament experiments that we’re not quite ready to talk about yet… Then, once we have launched, we’ll be ready to talk about our esports plans for the rest of 2017!

With all of that said, we of course are not proud that we did not meet our self-imposed deadline here. We hope you can understand. Thank you for continuing to support us throughout Early Access, and stay tuned next week for some really exciting stuff.

  • The Faeria Team