Faeria Friday: Short and Sweet

Summertime, and the news is easy.

Summertime continues

We know the summertime can be slow news, but it’s the time of year where everyone in the team takes a well-deserved break and not every week is full of vital information.

Whenever something is important, you can know to check back here every Friday to catch the latest updates.

For now, have some cool new concept art of Sharra:

Khalim Open #1 Champions

  • 1st. Dilgarno - Japan
  • 2nd. TheTrueQuAz - Ireland
  • 3rd. Martus - Germany
  • 4th. evgeney24 - Russia

Khalim Open #2

Khalim Open #2 takes place next Saturday

For those who don’t know, we tend to alternate tournamant times between 18:00 CEST and 12:00 CEST when possible. This is to allow for catering to both NA/EU Regions and Asia timezones.

We like to make sure everyone has an equal chance to participate!

Season Cardback for August delayed

Due to artist holidays, the seasonal cardback for August will likely be slightly delayed by a week or two. When the season resets next month, you won’t have your cardback rewards right away, but we will have the information saved in our database and can easily award you it once the cardback is complete.

Thank you for your understanding during our summer months!

Decks of the Week