Faeria Friday: Short and sweet

Catch up on the latest Monthly Cup decks, try out a puzzle maker, and browse community decks and guides. It’s Faeria Friday.

Monthly Cup XVII Recap

Click here for the full recap:

  • Top deck lists
  • Final brackets
  • Tournament videos
  • Roman Numerals

##Competitive Faeria in 2018

Waiting on more info on what comes next for competitive Faeria? We will be announcing more at the start of the new year. Thank you for your patience!

Puzzle maker

Think Jalmyr is a chump?

Community member mansyfan has created an excellent tool for making your own puzzles in Faeria!

While there are still a few bugs and he considers it unfinished, it is currently highly usable. He’s also looking for anyone who would like to continue work on the project in his stead. Handy with javascript and would like to expand it? You can offer help here.

What crazy puzzles can you make?

Helpful Guides

Decks of the Week

Community events

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

  • Krog’s Orb
  • Fugoro’s Well
  • Green Elemental Avatar
  • Aurora Card Back

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Ruunin
  • Sharra
  • Khalim