Faeria Friday: Starter Deck tournament this weekend

Ruunin Open #4 Results

Congratulations to Moonfassa for earning 1st place with this Yellow Husk deck!

You can unlock the power of Haunted Husk and Blightborn Specter with the Resurgence card expansion, while Amai Merchant and Barter were introduced in our most recent card expansion, Chronicles of Gagana.

The top four was rounded out by Seshoumara (2nd), MitchConne (3rd), and bamserr (4th). Congratulations to all participants! Click here for the Twitch broadcast by SaturnFiveAus and summerflaem.

  • Register for Ruunin Open #5
  • Saturday, June 27 @ 12:00 CET
    Please note that this tournament takes places 6 hours earlier than ‘normal’ to accommodate those nearer the Asian time zones.

Half-time Starter Deck Tournament

We all have to start somewhere.
But what if we could all start again together? And twice as fast?

SuperbLizard is hosting an exciting tournament on that restricts you to only using the four starter decks. “Half-time” means your turn timer will be cut in half! Quick thinking will be critical and non-stop action will ensue as starter decks get their chance to shine.

If you’re new to Faeria, this is a great opportunity to test your skills! Plus, if you make it to the Top 4, you’ll earn a Faeria DLC of your choice!

  • Register here
  • Saturday, June 20 @ 15:00 CET
    Watch the tournament with SuperbLizard on his Twitch channel.

The Art of Faeria

This week, we want your fan theories on what exactly is going on in this wintry forest. The cards shown are King’s Faithful, Master Swordsman, and Baron Thulgar.

Decks of the Week

Challenge yourself with this 1st place Haunted Husk deck.

Here’s an innovative BY deck with a thorough guide, too. Give it a try!

Never played Gemsilk Faerie? Well, here’s your chance!

What happens when you play all the ultimate multi-color creatures in one deck along with the four Elementals to build up to 12 colored lands? You win. 100% of the time. matrien even recorded the historic one-game win streak in the guide below!

Have a great weekend!

This post written by matrien