Faeria Friday: Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale

For a limited time, get huge discounts on purchases of Faeria DLC and the main game during the Steam Summer Sale!

  • Save 40% on all DLCs including Chronicles of Gagana, Resurgence, and Cosmetics bundles.
  • Save 60% on the main game. It’s the perfect time chance to get friends into the game!

Find Faeria and its DLC on Steam here!

This sale ends July 9th.

New Faeria Trailer

Faeria Story Trailer

In celebration of the Summer Sale launch, we also have a brand new trailer for Faeria!

You can find it on our Steam page, or check it out on YouTube by clicking the image above.

Amai Merchant

While we’ve been a bit busy with console porting and the Roguebook Kickstarter this month, we haven’t taken our eyes off of the state of the game in Faeria.

We’re currently considering with what to do about Amai Merchant, a frequently discussed card from the latest expansion that has a few players concerned.

We have a few options here, but we want to make sure the solution we implement is in the best interest of the game. In any case, we wanted to let everyone know this card is under the radar and we expect to make some adjustments. Thanks for your continued feedback.

Ruunin Open #5

Sign up for the LAST opportunity to earn points in the season of Ruunin!

Season Reset

The next season reset takes place Monday, July 1st at 12:00pm (Noon) CEST.

You can earn the following cardbacks this season!

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