Faeria Friday: Team League

It’s time to reveal this season’s card backs! Let’s also put the spotlight on Faeria Team League, one of the newest regular community events.

##Shining suns

Faeria Ranked and Pandora seasons end on the first Monday of every month. That puts our next season reset on June 5th. Being so close to summer, it seems only fitting to have an appropriately warmer card back to get you in the right mood.

Here are the Ranked and Pandora card backs that you’re currently fighting for, respectively.

##Faeria Team League

You may or may not be aware of it, but over time there have been a few teams of players that have coalesced in the community. Teams tend to do just what you think they would: They play together, work on decks, and just generally hang out. Recently, they’ve gotten together to participate in what’s being called: Faeria Team League.

Each season of the league, 8 teams will compete against each other in several Best of 7 series that will be streamed live on Twitch.tv.

List of competing teams:

Watching a team competition is a special treat in Faeria. You can watch the next match between Addicted and Equilibrium this weekend here:

If you’re interested in joining a team yourself, you need only reach out to one of their members in our Discord channel, which is a major center of community activity.

Faeria Team League was created and organized by Sweety, whom you may recognize from several competitive Monthly Cups.

##Faeria Android full release is in its first stages

In case you missed it, the Android release of Faeria is now in its early stages. We’re confident that our Canadian users will lead us on the path to a wider release as soon as practical.

##Mac issues resolved

Today we resolved an issue some Mac users were experiencing that could potentially make them unable to play. The new version has already been pushed to Steam and should contain the necessary bug fixes. Thanks for being patient as we worked on this fix. Remember, to verify your current version of Faeria, follow these instructions.

###Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

###Decks of the Week

There’s still one day left to enter the Metashaker deck building contest!

###Helpful Guides

###Community Events

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Last weekend’s Faeria Team League was really fun! It’s really enjoyable to hear the team chat and see all the players’ and audience’s reaction as it happened at key moments in the match. More variety of decks and hearing players discussing deck choices was really interesting too. I actually enjoyed it more than the monthly cup.

It would be nice if Abrakam can give them more support.

Recommended. If anyone want to watch it, it’s available in the archive of luuu90’s twitch account.