Faeria Friday: Team Tournament and Blitz Invitational

New card reveal

Joining the library of cards in the next expansion will be…

Oh no! The card reveal button is broken and won’t be fixed until Sunday.

How convenient! There’s something interesting happening on that day.

Team Exhibition Tournament

Team Lizard squares off against Team Mino in this special team community tournament.

The rules:

  • Each of the two teams brings 5 unique decks.
  • Each of the two teams receives 1 ban on one of their opponent’s decks.
  • Conquest format (teams will have to win with all four of their decks)

The teams:

  • Team Lizard:
  • SuperbLizard
  • TheDukeofPrunes
  • RaiZo
  • Team Mino:
  • Minocaro
  • Hunter
  • Werfs

Where and when?

It all takes place Sunday, March 10th at 17:00 CET, LIVE on Twitch.

Stream prizes?

One card from the next expansion will be revealed at some point on stream!

In addition to this, you can earn prizes just by watching, including an Egg avatar.

Watch for 1 hour+:

  • Guaranteed Egg Avatar!
  • Two guaranteed Battle Chests
  • Chance to win 1 Mythic Chest after that.

To be able to win prizes, you need only link your Faeria account to Twitch here.

See you then!

March Tournaments

  • Aurora Open #5
  • Saturday, March 16th, 18:00 CET
  • Aurora Open #6
  • Cancelled - see below.
  • New participation awards - bonus Mythic Chest

Blitz Invitational - PAX EAST

We are broadcasting a special invitational tournament on Saturday, March 30th at 18:00 CET, LIVE from PAX East.

The rundown:

  • Top eight players in FWC Points invited to compete
  • Single Elimination, Crucible
  • Blitz format (reduced turn timers)

We will be hosting the tournament online, and broadcasting it live on the following channels:

It will be a fast and explosive tournament. Special thanks to Versus Evil for helping put it together. Player invites will be sent after the next, and final, Aurora Open. (Games will be played over the internet)

Decks of the Week

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