Faeria Friday: The Fall of Everlife

Faeria’s next expansion, The Fall of Everlife, is coming this June.

The final chapter: “A Feast Fit for an Emperor”

Owing to the selfish actions of Kaios, the Fall of Everlife is upon us.

Kaios, and the Fall of Everlife

The Fall of Everlife, Kaios, and Faeria’s transition into the new economy is currently planned for release in June. Stay tuned for an exact date next month.

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Patch next week, and special event

Next week, as we build toward the release of Fall of Everlife, we plan on releasing a small balance patch along with a special event contained within. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Fall of Everlife Invitational announcement

In celebration of the release of Fall of Everlife set for June, we plan on hosting a special invitational tournament to showcase the new cards in a competitive environment! This tournament is planned for June, and we will be announcing the exact date during next month.

This unique event will take the Top 16 players in the current season of the Faeria World Circuit and place them head-to-head with special deck rules.


  • Regardless of whether they compete or not, we will give a free copy of the Fall of Everlife DLC to all Top 16 players in FWC Points at the time of release!
  • Winner of the tournament will be granted the opportunity to create one special Yak avatar of their own choosing by working with our artists!
  • This avatar will be made available in-game by hatching Eggs, but the winner will receive it immediately when it becomes available.

More details:

  • Since we have not yet announced a release date for Fall of Everlife, we will announce specific cutoff dates for FWC points when we do.
  • This tournament will not affect the Ruunin Seasonal Cup or provide FWC Points.
  • We will be streaming this tournament live on FaeriaTV, at a date later to be announced.
  • We plan on taking a list of alternates based on FWC Points for those players who are unable to compete.

Ruunin Open #4

Looking to earn more FWC Points? There are quite a few opportunities coming up, including Championship League tournaments and the season reset on June 4th.

Hex Templar 5 Recap

Speaking of werfs, the latest Hex Templar tournament was completed last Saturday.

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Decks of the Week

Community events

  • Hex Templar VI
  • Saturday, June 2nd
  • FWC Point sanctioned for Season of Ruunin