Faeria Friday: The final bosses

Survive the Forest of Trials, meet Raizeon’s revenge, and confront the master of puzzles himself. The final set of World Bosses have arrived!

##The final bosses

After a month of World Bosses, the final three are here - and they are no pushovers. Fair warning: These bosses are designed to be incredibly difficult. You’ll need to carefully craft your decks in order to survive each. The level requirement for these runs up to 100, meaning anyone who has access to these missions should have a decent amount of game experience and card collection at this point.

  • Survival: Level 70
  • Location: Forest of Trials
  • Even gods must be tested if they wish to visit the Cosmic Portal. This nightmarish forest conjures echoes of the world’s most terrifying creatures. Prepare to die.
  • Raizeon: Level 80
  • Location: The Cosmic Portal
  • The Cosmic Portal leads to the Nexus, where Raizeon stands watch over the prime realities. My god… It’s full of stars.
  • Jalmyr: Level 100
  • Location: Pools of Solace
  • Where do unanswered riddles go? To the Pools of Solace, where Jalmyr collects unknowable things. The boundary between myth and reality is lessened here. Bring your mythic cards. You’ll need them.

If you’re able to defeat these bosses, you can place the final gem in your Orb of Champions and show your achievement off to the world.

###Why World Bosses?

Simply put, we wanted to add long term goals to PvE progression. If you’re a Battle mode player you can climb for God Rank. If you’re a Pandora player you can collect hundreds of Pandora Points. If you’re a PvE mission player you can now work to unlock and defeat all the world bosses.

We had to ask ourselves a question: “What would World Bosses be?”

They would be epic foes with terrifying powers, seeming incredibly unfair and impossible to defeat. The player would be challenged to figure out their weaknesses, perhaps even turning their own strengths against them, and claim a well deserved victory.

At first, World Bosses were designed only as end game goals. The first one wasn’t going to even unlock until level 60. We ultimately extended the World Boss feature to be something everyone could enjoy from early levels, but this should give you an idea of the madness that lies in store.

The three bosses we release today were first designed over one year ago. They were the original three world bosses we used to test the concept. At last, you’ll get to experience what our co-workers did when we innocently asked them to playtest these punishing missions.

World Bosses not only allow us to introduce some challenging new scenarios, but we’ve also set up the infrastructure for Oversky campaigns in the process. As we’ve said before, building these missions has created an important foundation from which to build from.


We’d like to pay special attention to our final boss. You’ve solved his puzzles. You’ve learned his tricks. Now it’s time to face your mentor.

Jalmyr’s mechanics are a puzzle all their own, giving him extraordinary advantages that you’ll need to expertly navigate. It’s likely you won’t even see everything he can do on your first few attempts. Don’t lose heart. We’ve beaten him multiple times with various decks. You can indeed triumph over this absurd opponent.

While we would never give mythic cards an advantage in PvP games, we really like how it provides an added bonus to collecting Faeria’s premium cards for the final boss.
This also means that if you’re having trouble taking Jalmyr down, you can do the equivalent of grinding a bit in an RPG to craft a few more mythic cards for that added edge. We want to stress that this final mission, while it does give you an advantage for using mythic cards, does not require you to have the majority of your deck be mythic. A small number of commons should be all you need, though any extra you happen to have will be a tremendous boon.

###The Triple Challenge

These three bosses were originally designed to be played back to back with the same deck! We ultimately removed that requirement, but no one’s stopping you from challenging yourself. We’re looking forward to seeing who can manage this wild feat first.

##Season ending

Our Ranked and Pandora seasons reset on the first Monday of each month. This coming reset happens to be July 3rd!

Season reset: Monday, July 3rd, 12pm (Noon) CEST

##Season number standardization

We’ve updated two previous blog posts in an effort to standardize season numbers with listed in-game card backs.

Since we’ve had a few extra seasons in Early Access, season numbers will never necessarily line up with Monthly Cup numbers. To clarify things, this makes the current season that is ending on Monday number “14”.

##Monthly Cup XII qualifications

Schedule for this weekend:

  • Saturday, July 1st 18:00 CEST - Qualifier #2
  • Sunday, July 2nd 23:59 CEST - Voting closes
  • Monday, July 3rd at 12:00pm (Noon) CEST - Ladder positions are locked.

Monthly Cup XII takes place Saturday, July 8th at 16:00 CEST.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite player on the list, you need only type their name in the search box to find them.

##Spot Lethal #12

A brand new Spot Lethal has been posted by J0k3se. While the solution itself isn’t incredibly complicated, getting there is the hard part. Can you beat the pros? Watch it here!

Look, YouTube user ApiolJoe found it in 5 seconds!!!

##Metashaker deck contest results

Bobrokrot’s latest deck building contest has ended, and a new one has already begun!

These contests are a great way to explore deck building and earn a bit of gold at the same time.

###Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

###Decks of the Week

###Helpful Guides


Hm, the first of the new bosses I defeated on my first try with a deck I made in two minutes once I saw “Survival”. However, it was a close run - one more turn or probably even a smarter AI and I would have lost.
And I can tell you that deck would stand no chance against Raizeon at all.

Two questions:
Do we get more World Bosses in the future? These are hard, alright, but once you have beaten them you are like “okay, and now?”… And given time, everybody will.
Does the Season reset on Monday or Tuesday? Both recent newsposts seem to contradict each other.

As mentioned in the post, the World Boss architecture has set the foundation for how campaigns will work in Oversky. Meaning there won’t necessarily be more “World Bosses” introduced in Oversky, but expect similar mission progression. Will more World Bosses ever be added in the future? Possibly, but none are being worked on at this time.

Monday. The other post you are referring to was posted 28 days ago, for the previous season.

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Known issue:
The Raizeon mission currently has a crash involved when you have a structure in play at a certain point in the mission. To avoid this bug, avoid using structures until we’re able to fix the bug. Thanks for the reports!

The Triple Challenge: Easymode :wink: