Faeria Friday: The Month of Release

Version 1.0 is creeping steadily closer. At the same time, the current ladder seasons are ending, and we’d appreciate your time with a Steam review.

February season’s end

Can you believe it? The very last Ranked and Pandora seasons of Early Access are nearly over.

They will be resetting on the first Monday of the month as usual, which happens to be this coming Monday, March 6th.

This season’s card backs:

Note: We’d like to apologize, as these card backs will not be made available on the exact date of the ladder reset on Monday. Due to technical roadblocks in the way we have prepared for version 1.0, it would be difficult for us to reward these right away. Don’t worry, we will ensure every player receives their appropriate card back once we have the correct window to reward them.

###Battle of the Gods tournament

As mentioned last week, we’ll be inviting the top 10 God’s from this month’s season to a small tournament to take place some time in March.

We’ll have more info on this for you soon, but we’d like to share the bracket layouts for now!

##Latest development news

We know we’ve been relatively silent lately as far as development news is concerned, but the reality is that it is crunch time at the Abrakam offices. The team is working very hard to get the game where it needs to be for our 1.0 release, which is currently in its testing phase.

What exact date will Faeria release?

We know this is the biggest question on everyone’s mind. As we’ve promised before, the release will be in March. We just aren’t quite ready to release a date yet. Thank you for your patience.

##Steam reviews

Now that Early Access will soon be over, we hope you’ve had the time it takes to form a solid opinion on what you think about Faeria.

We’d like to humbly ask you to take the time to leave a Steam review today. If you’ve written one already or don’t have the time, simply reading other reviews and marking them as “helpful” can make it easier for new players to find the reviews that players agree are the best.

Every bit really does help. Thank you.

##The Hub

Decks of the Month:

Guides of the Month:

It’s hard to believe The Hub is already almost a month old! Thank you for helping to make it great. As a reminder, for anyone looking to write anything for the Articles section - please contact myself or Aquablad directly in our Discord channel. We’ll be happy to help.

##Upcoming community events:

Saturday, March 4th:

Wednesday, March 8th

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