Faeria Friday: The new batch

The $2500 Seifer Seasonal Cup takes place TOMORROW! Join us on FaeriaTV for a live broadcast.

$2500 Seifer Seasonal Cup

Watch 32 of the best players in Faeria compete tomorrow for a total prize pool of $2500!

It all happens live on FaeriaTV, starting at 16:00 CEST Saturday, January 5th.

Win prizes just by watching, and hatch your eggs over the weekend!

  • Guaranteed prize: Watch for 1 hour or more, and win an Egg Avatar!
  • Chance to win after watching:
  • 30 minutes: 1 Battle Chest
  • 90 minutes: 5 Battle Chests
  • 120 minutes: 2 Mythic Chests! (Rare chance)

Simply link your Faeria account to Twitch on The Hub, and you’ll have the prizes added automatically to your account

The new batch

This weekend, eggs will be hatching into something special.

To bring in the new year properly, we’re introducing 8 new avatars that can hatch from your eggs, as seen above. Some of these avatars were designed by winners of special tournaments throughout 2018.

One word of warning here, some of these yaks may arrive… not quite fully grown. It can take some time for some of these yaks to reach their final form. (Translation, there are some animation bugs we’ll fix later.)

Eggs automatically hatch, but you can check in on them by logging in and inspecting your incubator. If this all sounds a bit crazy, it’s because it is.

Incubators will start appearring Saturday!

Seasonal Reset

The current ranked and Pandora seasons are resetting on Monday, January 7th at 12:00 (Noon) CET.

Points earned for this season count as the first FWC points earned in 2019 for the Season of Aurora!

Don’t forget about this month’s Championship League tournaments as well:

Guides and Videos

Faeria Beginners Guide - Earning your collection

Matrien is taking the time to release a fully updated Faeria beginner’s guide. It’s good stuff.

Honor of a Ninja Toad: Community lore

DekoNut shares with you the story of Omeiyo, the Ninja Toad. Wait… is that Modgnik?!

Aquablad’s Videos

Deck of the Week

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