Faeria Friday: The season of release

Join the DeviantArt community in a card creation contest! Don’t forget, the current season ends this Monday, Let’s talk about it.

##DeviantArt contest

Show us what you got.

The community’s DeviantArt page is running a card creation contest over the next week.

Submit your best work and have it featured during the Monthly Cup stream next Saturday.

A winner for each color category will be chosen, and will receive:

  • 2000 gold
  • 1 Pandora Coin
  • 1 Egg

We’ll open voting next Friday on our forums just before the cup begins, so all entries can be judged at once.

##Player levels

We would like to let it be known that the fact levels are showing in the versus screen is indeed a bug that was introduced in the latest patch. Levels being displayed in the friends list is intentional, but in-game during matchmaking is not.
This one slipped by us, and we apologize. It will be fixed on the next client update.

##Reveal #2

Solve the next Adventure Pouch hint yet?

The more gold you earn in game, the faster the bar fills and reveals more letters.

Some riddle sleuths are on the case over in this Reddit thread. Think they’re right?

##The Hub loading screen

It’s gone! We’ve removed the “loading bar” from The Hub that many players were complaining was too slow. We hope this improves your general Hubbing experience.

##Pocket Tactics: Faeria 101

If you haven’t noticed yet, the folks over at Pocket Tactics have been publishing weekly “Faeria 101” guides.

Check it out, and keep an eye out for more.

##New store rotation

As we mentioned last Friday, our plan is to rotate the in-game shop “Deals of the Week” every Friday and post them here for you to see. Here you go!

##Season’s end

The first official season since Faeria’s release is about to come to a close.

Our Ranked and Pandora seasons reset on the first Monday of each month. This means:

Season reset: April 3rd, 12pm (Noon) CEST

##Monthly Cup qualifications

For those of you who are new to how Monthly Cup qualifications work, let’s break it down.

First, here’s the schedule for this weekend:

  • Sunday, April 2nd 23:59 CEST - Voting closes
  • Monday, April 3rd at 12:00pm (Noon) CEST - Ladder positions are locked.

We already have 16 qualified players from the two qualifiers played earlier this month, and the top 4 from the previous cup.

For a 32 player tournament, that leaves us with 12 more to go.


Two of those are selected by community voting. Yes, you!

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite player on the list, you need only type their name in the search box to find them.

Top 10 Gods:

The remaining 10 players come directly from the top of the ladder.

Once ladder positions are locked on Monday, the ladder reset occurs shortly thereafter, and we assemble our 32 players that will compete in the Monthly Cup on April 8th, where Eggs will blacken the sky.

###Community corner

Decks of the Week

Helpful Guides

Spanish/Portuguese event highlights

We’re very happy to see our Spanish and Portuguese community growing and organizing events together. If you are a Spanish or Portuguese speaker, make sure to check out #general-es and #general-br on our Discord chat to make some new friends.



Join the Spanish community this Sunday for a chance to win some gold. English speakers are more than welcome.

Have a great weekend!

Seems a bit low for the amount of work people invest in some art.
But I love the contest itself :slight_smile:
I hope to see many yaks :smiley:

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I’m no artist but I’m excited to see what people come up with!