Faeria Friday: Top Cards of 2017

Here we reveal the secret Faeria cards that other players DON’T want you to know about. Also, a little concept art from Guille.

Top 25 Cards of 2017

Aquablad ranked his top Faeria cards for 2017.

You won’t believe what happened next!

Top 10 Creatures

Number 2 will shake you to the core!

Top 10 Events

Number 5 will blow you away!

Top 5 Structures

You can learn a lot from number 2!

Reddit master wanted

Think the Faeria subreddit could use some improvements?

We do too!

Are you familiar with CSS and styling subreddits? We could use your help.

Send Atmaz a message on our official Discord or on Reddit with what you think could be improved and how you would do it, and we’d love to set you up as our newest Reddit moderator.

Note that we aren’t in need of moderation really, as our community there is generally very friendly and helpful. This is just us reaching out for anyone who might like to step up and add some style around there.

How do our artists work?

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with Guille Garcia, who has been developing concept art for the next expansion.

Here we will provide you an example of his workflow.

Below is the first rough sketch of a new card. It begins as only a simple outline in black and white, and is then fleshed out further with color.

Jen, our Lead Artist, will then often make comments on his concepts. In this case, she demanded more flowers - so Guille made sure to note on his drawing to add them later.

It’s important for our artists to draw Jen next to comments in their art so they remember where they are from.

More about Guille:

Guille Garcia likes hot sauce and Over the Garden Wall. Some say he looks like Harry Potter, can speak a thousand languages, and loves frogs. He reached out to us last year and we were quick to pick him up and take advantage of his talent. He also has a Patreon page where he works on his personal project, Cauldron.

Here you can see him being attacked by Jen:

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That monkey is thinking “he’s never gonna be able to read my mind…”