Faeria Friday: When yaks fly

We have a pair of colorful Oversky cards to share with you today. Keep an eye on the skies.

##Multi-color in Oversky

We’re really excited about pushing more multi-color deck options with the Oversky expansion. The new wild land mechanic was created with this goal in mind, but it does not mean we will be completely doing away with cards that require certain amounts of specific special lands. For example:

Say hello to Shifting Octopus and Sky Yak.

Shifting Octopus is one of the new creatures discovered in the strange world of the Oversky. How is it that these animals can walk on the land? This intelligent creature is able to shift its form in order to overcome a wide variety of challenges. In case you’re wondering - yes, you can choose the same option twice, if you’d like.

Sky Yaks tend to travel in small squadrons. It’s no secret that yaks have difficulty navigating the floating islands of the Oversky without mechanical assistance. Knock one of these pesky beasts out of the air, and you’ll often find they somehow keep finding their way back to you.

Both of these new cards will be making their way to Faeria this summer as part of the Oversky expansion. Stay tuned for more!

##Monthly Cup XIII Qualifier

The first of two qualifiers for this month’s $3300 Faeria Cup takes place tomorrow!

Playing in the qualifiers is one of three ways you can qualify for the Monthly Cup. You can also earn a spot through ladder placements or community votes.

If you’ve never participated in an official Faeria tournament before, check out this helpful guide.

##Deals of the Week

For technical reasons, cosmetic items in the shop will not be rotating this week.

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Yak Hype!! Excited for both cards - thanks for sharing. Already brainstorming new decks including these two. I’ve been playing Faeria for a month now and am really looking forward to the Oversky. Have a great weekend!