Faeria Friday: Wild West

The Fugoro Challenge is live, and the Black Wisp returns! Let’s talk a bit about current balance, the upcoming end of the season, Monthly Cup, and ESL.

##Fugoro Challenge

Defeat Fugoro and have a chance to win prizes from Alienware and Razer, not to mention the elusive Black Wisp!

##Eyes on the meta

With this week’s big patch still warm off the presses, we’re continuing to keep a close eye on the evolution of the new constructed meta game. It’s a new environment that still has yet to be fully explored, and we consider ourselves to be in a “reactive mode” at this time as far as balance changes are concerned. We don’t want to act unless we spot something emerge that is very disruptive to the health of the game, as we felt was necessary yesterday. We also released another patch today with some bug fixes and other changes. That stubborn Tiki Piper just won’t let go of his extra forest. That said, there will be no more balance changes before the tournaments this weekend. If we deem any are necessary, they will be done early next week.

In the meantime, we’re really enjoying the results of the patch! Games in general seem to have a lot more tension, with each turn packed with plenty of action. It’s like the Wild West out there. Keep giving us your feedback, we’re always listening.

##Monthly Cup Invitee

Bren Van Caesbroeck

Bren has being working in gaming and esports for over 15 years. 10 years ago, he started his own company, Gamegear, who’s specialising in selling esports-focused products from all the biggest manufacturers in the space ranging from peripherals to gaming chairs.

He has been supporting the Belgian esports scene in and out by providing prize pools to LAN events as well as various campaigns to nurture and develop the local gaming scene. Bren and Gamegear also have history with Faeria as they helped give the game a visibility boost through their platform very early on.

##Season’s End

As usual, our current Ranked and Pandora seasons will be resetting on the first Monday of the month, which happens to be this coming Monday, December 5th.

Posted above are the current season’s unique card backs. Ranked card backs are on the left, Pandora on the right.

Vote for your Favorite

Voting for the current Monthly Cup closes at 23:59 CET on Sunday, December 4th.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite player on the list, you need only type their name in the search box to find them.

Ladder positions (for the Monthly Cup) will be locked in on Monday, December 5th at 12:00pm (Noon) CET, and the ladder resets shortly thereafter.

##Monthly Cup Qualifier

There is yet another way you can qualify for the Monthly Cup! Participate in tomorrow’s qualifying tournament and be one of the 8 finalists. Did you know you also can win gold and Pandora coins in the process?

##Go4Faeria November Finals

As mentioned previously, our ESL cups will be taking a break until the exit of Early Access. There’s one more event left, however. The last finals take place this Sunday, December 4th at 18:00 CET. Keep an eye on Faeria’s section on Twitch to watch them live.

The following players will be competing for $400 in prizes, in alphabetical order:

  • Cappuccino
  • Donkey74
  • Kingdanzz
  • Matthew
  • Nightingale
  • Sweety
  • thormond
  • v3tec

If you’re familiar with competitive Faeria, you should recognize a lot of those names. We’re very excited to see what these excellent players can do with the latest changes.

Okay, I’m done. Have a great weekend!