Faeria Friday: Yakkar, Udina, and Survival

Yakkar, Udina, and a new Survival challenge have arrived. Fight through them right now, in-game!

##New World Bosses

As promised, we have a new set of World Bosses unlocked for you today. You’ll find them available in-game if you have reached the appropriate level.

  • Yakkar: Level 30
  • Location: Yakkaran
  • In Yakkaran, the Yak Vanguard trains for a mysterious future war. Their leader Yakkar runs the Yakkaran Arena where he teaches a new form of warfare.
  • Udina: Level 35
  • Location: Tomb of the Sunken Emperor
  • Long ago a great Emperor sought forbidden knowledge from Udina. Amused, she granted his request. It did not end well for him or his empire.
  • Survival: Level 40
  • Location: The Crystal Plains
  • No one knows what turned this once-verdant paradise to glass. No one knows what causes enraged guardians to defend it. Warning: Watch out for ogres.

We hope you enjoy these new challenges. We’re very pleased most players seem to enjoy this content as we work up to the Oversky’s release this summer.

Next Friday, we’ll be giving you even more bosses.

##June Season’s Card backs

Take a look at the card backs you can battle for this month.

In case it’s not clear, Ranked card backs are on the left, Pandora on the right.

##Monthly Cup XI Recap

Congratulations to the winners of last Saturday’s Monthly Cup XI!

In case you missed it, Aquablad has put together a comprehensive recap.

Remember, the new Monthly Cup qualifying season is already underway.

Monthly Cup XII takes place July 8th! It’ll mark one full year of Monthly Cups.

###Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

###Decks of the Week

###Helpful Guides

###Community Events

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error :confused:

*edit: tried a second time and it worked… hope its already fixed, if so great job!

*edit2: all done, good content once more. Udina was my favorite one, great design. yakkar and the survival challange felt a bit plain design wise, but were fun aswell (these truely are some sneaky ogres).
i think ill try yakkar again with a 3wish list, that should be a lot more fun then the sac list i used :slight_smile:

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