Faeria Friday: Zigzag

Epic free week launch

Yesterday began the Epic Free Week!

We have tons of new players enjoying Faeria for the first time.

Welcome! Remember, please join our official Discord if you need any assistance, or just want to hang out.

Zigzag for the weekend!

For the rest of Friday and until midnight CET on Saturday, ALL private PVP lobbies and tournament lobbies will take place on the Zigzag map!

See below for more tournament information.

Patch notes and hotfixes

This week was full of patches, and patches to fix those patches. Here’s a summary of what we’ve changed leading up to the Epic launch:

Hotfixes throughout the week

  • The Abrakam splash screen sound has been decreased in volume below the threshhold for ear blood.
  • Mulligan music will now continue to play even after reconnection
  • “Double music” should no longer occur in-game.
  • Copyright information has been updated.
  • Fixed some issues with the leaderboards flickering and behaving strangely
  • Fixed crashing in Pandora when inspecting a card in your decklist
  • Misc technical changes and improvements that are transparent to you
  • Fixed a crash that happened when spectating someone while editing a deck
  • Prologue music is now fixed
  • Fixed a crash that happened when right clicking on a card in blueprint mode
  • Epic only: removed the “Sign out” button (as we cannot sign-in twice currently)
  • Epic only: when changing language, the client now closes and needs to be re-opened (instead of bringing to the engagement screen where you are then stuck)
  • Language changing on the in Terms & Conditions screen is no longer an option(they were not available in other languages anyway)

Known issues:

  • We’re aware of the annoying chat bug in games that causes you to lose focus on the message window. Sorry about that.
  • Some users are still reporting sound issues. We are having difficulty reproducing all of these problems, so it’s making them hard to fix. Let us know if you still experience weird sound things.

Game Pass update

We apologize for the delay on the update for Game Pass users. Normaly, we prefer all platforms to have the same update at the same time, but in the case of Game Pass we have to make some considerations for getting builds approved. We will work better in the future to keep all versions as close as possible. Expect Game Pass to be updated to the latest version next week, once we have all major bugs fixed.

Epic DLC support

Some Epic users have reported problems with DLC bundle purchases. If this happens to you, please email support@abrakam.com with a description of your problem, your Support ID, and any other relevant information.

Your Support ID will be a series of up to 10 letters and numbers, and can be found near the bottom of your friends list.

We’ll get you all fixed up!

$10,000 tournament

In celebration of our new platform launches this year, we have announced a $10,000 tournament.

Click above for more info!

Aurora Open #3 on ZIGZAG this Saturday!

For the first time ever, tomorrow’s official tournament will take place on a non-standard map!

Our most recent patch introduced the ability to add special maps to pvp games, and of the two we experimented this week, “Zigzag” proved to be the favorite. Special shoutouts to “The Hole” for trying its best.

Register for tomorrow’s tournament by clicking the image above.

For those entering their first tournament in Faeria, all you need to do is:

  • Register your decks in-game by clicking “Aurora Open #3
  • Register above on Battlefy
  • Come to the #tournaments channel in our official Discord when it’s time
  • Have fun!

Jalmyr’s Challenge

Can you beat the World Boss: Jalmyr by turn 2?

There is a way.

Video solution will be available next week.

Can you figure it out before then?

Decks of the week