Faeria-Game/ccg genre terms & lingo

I’ve just downloaded and played the first 14 or so solo missions in “The Elder Scrolls Legends”. As of this writing, I am level 22 in Faeria. I like both. They are both ccgs, but Faeria is special. I will be playing, and spending real world money on Faeria. Not so much of either on Elder Scrolls. I am also 45 years old with two small children at home. They eat up a lot of former gaming time and current energy. By the time I sit down in the evening to play I’m excited to play, but also tired. There are times where I forget some of the trickier aspects of Faeria and some of the game’s terms. Some of these are the same concepts as other ccgs, just with different words here. Some are unique to Faeria. it would be FANTASTIC to have the same or very similar GLOSSARY, in the game, as there is in Elder Scrolls. A permanent button on every screen would be great especially in the collection, crafting, and game screens! I know we can replay the tutorial missions but that’s a pain when you want to just check one term/rule/concept. Sorry, this was a long post. I guess what I’m asking for Is an in game help/glossary button.


Thanks for making the thread, I was thinking about asking for a glossary too. Great mind think alike? More like newbies unite. :grinning:

Even simple(?) terms like meta, tempo, mid-range, SMOR, control left me confused, and they are used a lot in guides and tutorials. The creatures/structures’ effects has tooltips when playing but not for crafting/card collection screens. Glossary would be nice.

I agree that the tooltips should be accessible in the game whenever you can see a card, whether in a match, in the collection, opening a Battle Chest or anywhere else that cards can show up.

From card collection/crafting/deckbuilding screens you can right click on cards for a larger picture and the little text boxes on top telling you what keywords are.

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Thanx so far to replies and to anyone even thinking of replying. I know about the little boxes that show up and the little tool tips. ( are those the same thing?). I made this post while my kids were napping. they are awake now and i can’t open up the game to get a detailed look. (I’m posting this with my phone). I will be able to post with more details and comparing Elder Scrolls in about 5 or 6 hours from now.